Changes to Australian Food Packaging

Australia’s food labels are altering and we’re here to tell you all you need to know all about the changes.

The packaging will be clearer about where our products are produced, grown and made.

The new food packaging will also show how much percentage of the ingredients in the product come from Australia.

This percentage is shown in the bar chart that is pictured, the more the bar is filled in yellow, the more percentage of that product is Australian.

As it stands now, our food products are labelled as ‘made in’ or ‘product of’ which has left many consumers confused as to where the products are actually coming from. This new packaging is clear and easy to read and could change the way people buy food.

Mini Melts Australia is proud to be part of this change and will be slowly changing our packaging over the next two years to suit these changes. What do you think about the new packaging? Let us know on our social media sites.

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