Facts about Brain Freeze!

Brain freeze is an uncomfortable pain human get when we eat cold food such as Mini Melts too fast. We were curious about brain freeze and what causes it, so we though you may be to.

So we coined together some facts about Brain freeze so you know how to avoid it next time you are eating Mini Melts!

Keep reading to find out more:

  • Brain Freeze is sometimes called a ‘cranium cramp’.

  • It is recognised as a medical condition!

  • It is theorised that what causes brain freeze is when a nerve in the top of your mouth gets too cold, it causes the pain in your head.

  • Some people that suffer from migraines find that eating cold food helps to get rid of their headaches!

  • Only about 30% of ice-cream eaters experience brain freeze.

  • 7/11 claims to have coined the term ‘brain freeze’ together thanks to their slurpees who have been the culprits of many sore heads.

  • Although we call it a brain freeze, the temperature of your brain does not actually change.

  • Some people experience “brain freeze” on their back, shoulders or collarbone.

So there are some facts about Brain freeze that you might not have known! Although painful, brain freeze is harmless and can be prevented by eating cold foods such as Mini Melts slowly (as hard as that may be).

We hope you enjoyed reading and as always,

Enjoy your Mini Melts!

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