Why we love Mini Melts!

Here at Mini Melts HQ we just cannot get the constant craving for our favourite cryogenic ice-cream out of our heads. So we do we love Mini Melts so much? Keep reading below to find out.

  • All the different flavours – There’s strawberry, chocolate, cookie-dough, vanilla – you name it, we’ve probably got it!

  • Great treat to refresh yourself – Nothing beats a tub of Mini Melts after a day out and about to replenish the body!

  • Their awesome and unusual shape – Thanks to cryogenics, they are unlike any ice-cream you’ve seen before!

  • Melt in your mouth goodness – What more can we say?

  • All the bits and pieces you find in them – Marshmallows and Oreos? – Yes please!

  • Perfect cure for a sweet tooth

  • They come in 500 ml tubs! More to share or to eat by yourself..

  • Only ice-cream you can pour into a bowl while it’s still frozen! Try it out for yourself!

  • Our penguin mascot and friend is just the cutest!

  • We are at events and parties! Visit our website for more info!

These are just a few reasons why we love Mini Melts! Let us know why you love Mini Melts on our social media pages, we’d love to hear from you!

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