Adventures with Minimelts!

We love adventure here at Minimelts HQ and Australia is absolutely jam packed with things to do! Below we have listed our top 5 outdoor adventures in Australia you need to try ASAP!

After all that activity you will definitely be in need of some refreshments, and what better way to refresh yourself than with your favourite flavour of minimelts off course!


Australia is known for its surf beaches. Some of these beauties include Snapper Rocks in Queensland and Bells beach down in Victoria. Grab a surfboard and some ‘Fruity Fun Time’ Minimelts and give them your best shot!


A must for anyone fascinated with the depths of the ocean is snorkelling. Either in the famous Great Barrier Reef or somewhere with bit more mystery, like Ninepin Point Marine Nature Reserve in Tasmania, you will need a tub of Minimelts ‘Strawberries n Cream’, to get that salt water taste out of your mouth later!


From the sea to land the activities continue with hiking! Whether is hiking sky high in the Blue Mountains of New South Wales; to hiking alongside the ocean and exploring the old army barracks of Fort Nepean in Victoria, a tub of ‘Mint Chocolate’ Minimelts will keep you going!

Exploring the streets of Australia’s cities

From the café lanes of Melbourne to the strip of shops at Sydney’s Manley beach, to the hidden restaurants in Adelaide’s laneways; explore the hidden treasures that Australia’s major cities hold with a large tub of Minimelts ‘Cookies n Cream’.

4-wheel driving

For those of you who love adrenaline, this one is for you. Four wheel driving on the sand dunes of the Northern territory is just as good as any ride you’ll go on in a theme park. If you want those scenic views however, we recommend the coastal areas of Western Australia. Tear open a tub of ‘Bubblegum’ Minimelts and enjoy after your ride!

Did you eat a tub of Minimelts after a big adventure? If so, let us know on our social media pages which flavour you had and where you went!

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