The Weird and Wacky Mini Melts!

This week we’ve put together some weird and wacky Mini Melts Ice Cream flavours from around the world! Keep reading to see other countries takes on Mini Melts: the ice cream dream!

Motichoor – Is based of an Indian dessert made with saffron.

Birthday cake – Cake batter with “funfetti” from Minimelts U.S.

Moose Tracks – We think it might be chocolate but make of it what you will…from Minimelts U.S

Grape and soda – A soft drink ice cream from Minimelts Singapore.

Blue bubble – It's blue, and it's from South Korea.

Shahi Kulfi – Is based of a creamy Indian dessert.

So what do you think, would you try any of these unique flavours? If you have tried them - or any others - let us know on our Facebook and Instagram accounts!

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