Mini Melts Facts

Here are some FUN FACTS you might not have known about our deliciously, unique ice cream!

  • Minimelts is the world’s coldest ice cream!

  • Minimelts is made my freezing the ice cream at -187 degrees Celsius, that’s very verrrry cold!

  • Minimelts is sold in over 25 countries around the world – that’s a lot of ice cream!

  • You need to store Minimelts in a special freezer that can be cooled down to -40 degrees Celsius in order for them to keep their unique shape.

  • You can use Minimelts as a topping over other ice creams…Delicious!

  • Minimelts have A LOT of different flavors including cookie dough and cookies and cream! Made with real cookie dough.

  • Minimelts freezing process makes sure to ‘lock in’ the flavor of the ice cream for ultimate tastiness.

  • We use Cryogenics to make our unique ice cream. Cryogenics is the study of how materials react at very low temperatures.

So there you have some Fun Facts that you might not have known about Minimelts,

Make sure you check out our Facebook page for your local stockists and enjoy ice cream the fun way with Minimelts!

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