What are Mini Melts?

Mini Melts is a super premium, pure ice cream made in a truly unique way. The cryogenic freezing process involves immersing ice cream in a bath of liquid nitrogen at -190 degrees, to literally “lock in” the flavour. The exciting shapes of ice cream this produces are fun and easy to eat, allowing customers to appreciate the great taste and experience the wonderfully cold sensation direct from our -40 degrees specialised serving freezers. Through the use of the finest quality ingredients and a milkfat content of 16%, Mini Melts is truly one of the highest quality ice cream products in the world.

Where can I buy Mini Melts Ice Cream?

Mini Melts is growing its network across Australia. There will soon be distributors and retailers in your area. Have a look at the where to buy page.

Why are Mini Melts so super creamy?

To begin with we use an ultra premium base mix with a 16% milk fat content. Apart from that normal ice cream has to have air whipped into it to make it scoopable. Mini Melts has no air whipped into it. It’s simply top quality ice cream and nothing but!

Why are Mini Melts so super freezy?

Mini Melts are cryogenically frozen which means it is frozen with liquid nitrogen – totally inert and tasteless – to a very, very low temperature, minus 190 degrees (-190C) in fact so all the flavours are locked in instantly. Then, when these exciting shapes of ice cream are served to you they come out of a -40C degree freezer. Then, they simply melt in your mouth. Yummy!

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