Mini Melts Ice Cream is a rapidly expanding international company. Extremely successful in America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East With operations in nearly 30 countries and manufacturing facilities around the globe, we are proud to now offer this extraordinarily popular ice cream to the Australian market.

Australians love ice cream! In fact, we are the third highest consuming nation per capita in the world with each person on avearge consuming between 17 and 20 litres of ice cream annually, only slightly behind the United States (23 litres) and New Zealand (20 litres).

In Australia, we are adding to the Mini Melts product range, with our own natural flavours, as well as a range of sorbets. Perfectly refreshing on one of our hot Australian days!

We like our business to be fun because ice cream is fun. That being said, we do take our ice cream and customer service very seriously.

Mini Melts Ice Cream is poised for tremendous growth in Australia and we are working hard to extend our partner channels to make sure the “ice cream dream” will be just around the corner from you very soon.

Mini Melts Australia is 100% Australian owned, operated and made at our new, state-of-the-art production facilities in Adelaide giving us the flexibilty to meet the needs and service requirements of the Australian market.

We trust you will enjoy Mini Melts and look forward to serving you with all your ice cream needs!